Assam Rose Lemon Tea - organic


2 ounces. There's no comparison between fresh, loose tea and those stale little bags that live in the back of the kitchen cabinet. If you drink loose tea, you know the taste difference, and if you don't -- here's your chance. This tea is organic: good for you and for the environment.

Assam is a delicious tea any time of day, but I'm particularly partial to it in the morning or on a sleepy Sunday. It's assertive, and while some people call it astringent, I don't find it so. It's aromatic, with a sweet winey-ness, and drinks well with a little milk.

This Assam has rose buds and petals and lemon peel in it. Now, I'm not a fan of roses in food. As far as I'm concerned, flowery flowers belong in gardens and vases, not in food. And yet. This is delicious. The rose is subtle, just a little brightness in the background, and the lemon peel adds a little citrusy brightness.

When you order this tea blend, you'll recieve a zip top, lined bag. It's tightly sealed so the tea will stay fresh for about six months. The bag contains 2 ounces, or about 30 cups, of tea.