Detox Tea - Loose - organic


2.5 oz. This tea contains organic botanicals to help spring clean your system. Dandelion leaves and roots are used by herbalists the world over to support the digestive tract and the liver. Licorice root is also used to support digestion. Ginger is also used to support digestion. Lemongrass is a powerful antioxidant.

Oh, and this tea? Deeelish. Truly. And the licorice root (which does NOT taste like licorice) imparts a gentle sweetness to the tea.

The tea contains: organic lemongrass, organic ginger, organic cinnamon, organic dandelion leaf, organic dandelion root, and organic licorice root. 

Your tea comes in a air-tight zip locked bag that contains 16 bags or 2.5 ounces (25-30 cups). To make a cup of this tea, pour boiling water over a teaspoon of the tea. If you prefer, you may put the tea in a saucepan (1 teaspoon of every cup of water) and simmer. It does not become bitter, even when it's steeped for an extended period.