Honeybush Tea with Orange Peel and Ginger


This is a organic, caffeine-free herbal tea, used to treat coughs and sore throats, as well as digestive problems. It's equally delicious hot or iced. Keep an insulated bottle of hot honeybush on the desk at work, or a pitcher in the fridge and you have a light drink with zero calories that contains high levels of antioxidants isoflavones.

Best of all, though, this delectable, lightly sweet tea brews up in 5 minutes into a light amber tea that tastes slightly of honey. This blend, which contains organic ginger and organic orange peel, is aromatic and light, yet full of flavor. Enjoy it with or without honey or sugar.

When you order this tea blend, you'll recieve a zip top, lined bag that contains 2.5 ounces, or enough to make 25-30 cups of tea. It's tightly sealed so the tea will stay fresh for about six months. If you wish to order a larger quantity, just send me a message and we'll arrange it.