Pay What You Can: help people in need

Note: this listing is for people who are able to provide a little extra help to others. You can pick any amount from the drop-down menu (or multiples) and that amount will be added to your order. It will only be used to subsidize our donations of spices to people here or locally. Thank you very much for any help you're able to provide.

We're in a crazy time right now. Many of us are self-isolating. Many of us are seeing sharp drops in our income. Some of us are finding that we need to cook more than we're accustomed to or for more people. Some of us are getting creative to pass the time, have fun, and nourish ourselves and our loved ones.

The Kitchen Imp has seen a drop in income, but we're still afloat. We have been the beneficiaries of so many advantages and so much help over the years that we'd like to pay it forward.

Please don’t use the PWYC to add $1 to your order to bring the price up to $35 so you’ll have free shipping. Thanks for your consideration.

To order, please choose the amount you wish to pay from the drop down menu. You can pick $1, if that's the most you can pay. If you want to pay more you can add any increments you want. If you want to pay $44, you can select $20 twice and $4 once.

In order not to bankrupt ourselves, we're sorry but we have to omit truffle salt, sansho pepper, pink peppercorns, vanilla, and saffron.