Pickling Spice Set - Pick your Organic Spices for Summer Pickling

So many of us love to pickle and preserve, but it's such a nuisance to buy a big jar of a spice when you only need a teaspoon or a little more. The rest of the spices sit in the cabinet til next year, when they're less fresh, less lively.

Here's your solution: buy our specially packed envelopes of organic pickling spices. Each contains an eighth of a cup (2 tablespoons).

Here's how you go about it: pick your spices from the pull down menu and then mix up your recipe. We'll provide a few recipes, but you may have a recipe you prefer. For depth of flavor, we suggest at least 6 spices. If you order 10 or more spice envelopes, we'll pack them in a little kraft paperboard box, perfect for gifting.

Then, if you aren't an experienced pickler, follow one of the links we've provided and use it as a how-to: