You've arrived at The Kitchen Imp. Our passion is offering you the highest quality, organic, freshy-ground spices, sugars, salts and teas to enhance your cooking and add enjoyment to your life. Spices have long been known to have medicinal properties and beneficial effects on the body. They have been used for centuries by ancient cultures to promote healing and relaxation. Commercial spices are often treated with chemicals and pesticides – things you definitely don't want to add to your food or put into your body! 

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For the first half of 2019, we will donate 5% of all net income from our Rub blends to the NAACP (, an organization that works to "ensure the political, educational, social, and economic equality of rights of all persons and to eliminate race-based discrimination." This continues The Kitchen Imp's history of using a part of our income for services for people around the world and here in the States. 

Browse, ask questions, make requests, and know that behind all of these delicious, high-quality spices lies reliable, helpful customer support. Need a menu for a big dinner party in two weeks and spices to go with it? Want tea for before bed that will settle your tummy and your nerves? Do you miss your Auntie's chai and want the next best thing? Just ask! 

Giving Back
We regularly donate a percentage of our income to services for people around the world and here in the States, as well as environmental causes. We've donated to:
Doctors without Borders (MSF) [our usual recipient] - which provides medical services in conflict and underserved zones.
Planned Parenthood - which provides health screening and outpatient medical treatment to women and men throughout the United States.
Tahirih Justice Center - which provides services and advocacy for immigrant women and girls escaping violence.
White Center Food Bank - a local food bank on the outskirts of Seattle.
The Harbor School - a small independent school on Vashon Island.