Imp: \'imp\ (noun) a small demon; a mischievous child.

Melissa Aaron, ownerAt its worst, cooking is intimidating and disappointing. At its best, cooking is a creative act that can use the beauty that nature offers to create food that not only looks and tastes wonderful, but nourishes and delights those we feed.

I decided to name my shop The Kitchen Imp to convey the spirit of enthusiasm, whimsy, and magic that can give rise to cooking and that cooking can give rise to. Cooking well requires some skills, sure, and fresh, tasty ingredients, yes, but it also requires a sort of great good luck. Someone gave you delicious tomatoes, or your dad cooked on Sunday mornings and let you help, or you travelled to a place that had foods that you'd never imagined before, or you cooked for – then fell for – your first love. 

This store evolved out of a desire to communicate the sense of play that's possible in a kitchen, both through spices and through accessible recipes. Many people don't realize that excellent, complex cooking is – with fresh, high quality herbs and spices – within anyone's grasp. We operate on the principle that anyone can cook well, and we provide many of the tools to do so. 
In this shop, you'll find useful, aromatic spices that can help you make delicious food, but I hope you'll find more than that. I hope you use these spices in good health to cook for yourself or others – or give them away to someone who will. 

To this end, you'll always receive recipes with your purchases. If you decide you want new or different ones, simply contact me, and, off I'll send them. I am also happy to fill any special orders you have. Just because you don't see, say, whole cardamom pods or organic lavender doesn't mean that I won't be happy to send it to you. Just message me and we'll discuss amounts and prices. 

I source the materials that make these goods from shops and producers that treat their employees responsibly and kindly. Whenever possible and affordable, these ingredients are organic and fairly traded. 

In the spirit of culinary adventure,

–Melissa Aaron