Chipotle Chocolate Rub - organic


2.25 oz. Unsure of what to make for dinner? Having guests? Need a gorgeous, tasty dinner for 8 in 45 minutes? This rub is your ticket. Take two roasting chickens, grab your poultry scissors and cut out the back bones (or ask your butcher to do it), rub both sides with Chipotle Chocolate Rub, and put your flattened birds on the grill. Grill on both sides in 10 minute increments until the inner thigh temp reads what the USDA says it should (or what you decided it should). Serve with herbed rice, grilled asparagus, and a green salad.  

This rub contains ground chipotle peppers, organic, Fair Trade Cocoa powder, and salt, as well as a smattering of other goodness. It comes in in a moisture-sealed, 43 mm by 61 mm twist top tin (the blend will stay fresh for longer that way). Each tin holds 2.25 ounces of this richly flavored spice blend. Please see the Recipes page for additional ways to use Chipotle Chocolate Rub.

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