Asafoetida, or hing, is a resin that comes from a giant fennel plant. It's available as a powder in the US. Be forewarned that it smells like sulfur and rotten eggs. That being said, it mellows over time and when cooked. When you cook with it or bake it in bread, it imparts a gentle garlicky aroma and flavor. In other words, despite what you might think when you first smell it, it's delicious.

You can add it to curries or breads for the taste and aroma of garlic, but don't use much, it's pungent.

Please pick the 1.5 ounce jar, 3 ounce jar, or 6 ounce bag.

Note: many brands of asafoetida that are commonly available in the US contain wheat. This blend contains fenugreek to keep the resin from clumping, but no wheat or rice.

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