Pitta Balancing Churna

Various sizes. In Ayurveda, "churnas" or powders, are often used to balance and support one's dosha, or type of constitution.

This Pitta Churna contains a range of spices to help support digestion. Just a little bit of this churna sprinkled on food can help you digest your food as well as help with any Pitta imbalance.

All of the herbs and spices except the green mango powder and asafoetida are organic and all are fresh.

Pitta folks are often intense. They lead, they're passionate, they're powerful. When you want to balance that pitta side, this churna will help temper that heat, lower that intensity. And it's delicious!

Ingredients: organic fennel, coriander, organic cumin, organic turmeric, amchoor, salt, and organic sugar.