Chai Tea, loose - organic - Fair Trade & Organic


3 oz. Chai tea is one of life's great pleasures. I'm not just saying that. From the time my friend Hal showed me, oh, 19 years ago how one measures out the black tea, adds the spices, simmers them for just a little, and then adds milk for a final low simmer, I've been hooked. A well made cup of Chai is a truly special drink, one that's almost a course in itself, even if you aren't having a meal. It's warm, aromatic, and filling, even though it's "just a cup of tea".

This Chai contains highest quality organic ingredients: Fair Trade Assam tea, Fair Trade Ceylon tea, cardamom, crystallized ginger, cloves, and Fair Trade black peppercorns. This moisture sealed, lined, zip top bag contains 3 ounces of tea.