Indian Spice Sampler - organic


Set of 6.    Contains samples of Black Mustard Seed; Coriander; Tikka Masala; Hot Curry, Sweet Curry and Garam Masala, beautifully packaged with a full set of recipes. It's a perfect gift for a friend or yourself.

When you order this set of spice blends, you receive 4 original, organic blends made by The Kitchen Imp and 2 hand-ground single spices. You’ll also receive 5 recipes that use the blends in delicious, easy recipes. We continue to be delighted by the people who tell us that we’ve helped them make fantastic meals for themselves and their loved ones.

Consider this spice kit a gateway drug; it’ll help you discover which blends you love and want to order in full-sized jars. In this spice set, you receive about 10 grams each of 4 spice blends and 2 basic spices:

Sweet curry – loaded with turmeric, this heart-healthy blend provides bright color and bright taste to wet and dry dishes. Use it as a rub, with tomatoes or coconut milk in a stew, or in some other way that suits your fancy.

Hot curry – this bright blend packs a punch of heat, adding zing to your cooking with cayenne and ginger, as well as warm bottom notes with coriander and cumin. The other spices in this blend give it great depth of flavor, not just heat.

Garam masala – A blend that provides nutty, earthy sweetness, it’s equally delicious with lamb or with spiced almonds.

Tikka masala –  a queen among spice blends, this masala contains heat, sweet, and tart. Use it with coconut milk or yogurt to make a delectable marinade or use it as a dry rub.

Coriander – the little round fruits of the cilantro plant taste nothing like cilantro, but instead are a bit citrusy, a bit nutty, a bit sweet.

Black mustard seeds – toast these in oil or butter before you use them with soft vegetables for a pop of flavor, a magical little crunch.

The spices are fresh and almost all organic, and made by The Kitchen Imp in small batches. This is the perfect set for the beginning cook of Indian food, as you'll receive the 6 tins and recipes to go with them. The recipes include several main dishes and a few side dishes. You don't need advanced cooking skills or unusual ingredients to make these dishes, just easy-to-find fresh ingredients and these spices.