Organic Cinnamons - 3 jar set


Whether you're a baker, a cook of just about any kind of cuisine, or simply a lover of buttered toast with cinnamon sugar, this is the set for you. Each cinnamon possesses its own distinct character and flavor profile. You'll receive a three jar set, perfect for gifting or using in your own house.

Ceylon Cinnamonan (cinnamomum verum): you'll notice this Sri Lankan cinnamon's subtle, slightly citrusy, warm aroma. It's golden brown and perfect for any dessert. 1 ounce.

Indonesian Cinnamon (cinnamomum burmanii): also known as Korintje cinnamon, this deep brown cassia cinnamon smells rich and complex. 1 ounce.

Vietamese Cinnamon (cinnamomum lourerii): this one will knock your socks off with its deep, rich, spicy aroma and deep mahogany color. .75 ounce.