This Ethiopian-inspired spice blend adds heat and depth of flavor to any dish. Berbere has a particular affinity for stews, lamb, lentils, and - oddly and delightfully - shortbread. It contains hot and sweet spices, which gives it a balance that you'll love. 

Its aroma is almost dizzying. You'll smell the sweetness of cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger, as well as the kick of ajwain, Aleppo pepper, and black pepper. Those are just 6 of the 15 herbs and spices in this berbere.

Doro Wat recipe: Doro Wat | The Kitchen Imp

Shortbread recipe:

You may purchase berbere in a variety of sizes: a 1 oz packet, a 2 oz jar, a 4 oz bag, or an 8 oz bag of lovely, fresh ground spice.


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