Cocoa Nibs

Use cocoa nibs wherever you would use nuts or chocolate. Sprinkle them into your granola, grind them finer and add them to cookies or cakes. Eat them out of hand, if you like the pure, delicious flavor of chocolate without any sugar added. If you do want sweetness just candy them to enjoy an incredibly delicious, somewhat addictive snack. Or, you can pop them in your coffee grinder with your coffee beans and brew up the most delicious morning beverage you're likely to have.

These nibs are organic, Fair Trade, and incredibly delicious. They come in three sizes: small jar (1 oz, about 1/3 cup), a 2.25 oz bag, a full-sized jar (2.25 oz, a heaping 1/2 cup), or a 4.5 ounce bulk bag.