Galangal - cut & sifted


2.5 ounce sealed, lined bag.

Galangal looks like reddish ginger, but its flavors are both more earthy and more citrusy. You'll find it fresh in communities with large Asian populations, but otherwise it can be hard to find in the US. It's commonly used in present-dayThai and Vietnamese cooking. It was also, as one of my customers pointed out to me, used widely in Europe during the Middle Ages. You'll find it used both medicinally and culinarily in Indian cooking.

In cooking, it imparts a flavor similar to ginger's, but it's piney and perfumey in a way that ginger is not. It does, however purportedly have anti-inflammatory and circulatory benefits like ginger does.

You cut and sifted galangal will be in 1/8-1/4" pieces.