What do you get when you toast almonds, sesame seeds, and coriander, and then add some  cumin, and black pepper? The Egyptian spice blend dukkah or duqqa. It's a whole lot of delicious and very, very nutritious. 

This is a quick fix item, as well. Out of time to prepare a meal? If you find yourself short of inspiration, pull your jar of dukkah out of the cabinet and sprinkle it into a bowl of olive oil. Cut up that half a cold chicken in the fridge, scrub a few carrots, steam some broccoli, and grab some good bread. Pull up a chair and set to. Dip the bread, chicken, or veg into the dukkah and enjoy a low fat, high protein, healthy dinner.

The coriander, sesame seeds, cumin, and black pepper are organic. 

**This mix is salt free**