Merguez Seasoning

This North African blend is commonly used in lamb or lamb & beef sausages. It's characterized by a bright, smokey, complex flavor and a deep, but not overpowering, heat. We started making this Merguez Seasoning because we buy lamb from local farmer, love spicy sausage, and wanted to make our own. We researched the spices that people from the Mahgreb use in their Merguez. We read books, we talked to local cooks, and then we made several versions before we settled on this one.

If you want to make your own Merguez sausages, use 4 parts lamb, 1 part pork, beef, or lamb fat, and a scant ounce of Merguez Seasoning per pound of meat.

salt, Aleppo pepper, garlic*, paprika*, smoked paprika*, cumin*, fennel*, cayenne*, coriander*, citric acid, caraway*.              *=organic