Vindaloo Masala - Bright and Spicy - Various Sizes

The bright color of this blend reflects the chilies we use in it, as well as the other brilliant - and very tasty - spices. We grind and blend the spices, almost all of which are organic, for this blend and send it to you, so you know it's fresh.

We recommend using this spicy, nuanced masala mixed with yogurt and salt as a marinade for chicken; you can also just rub chicken with this masala and salt and leave it in the fridge overnight to soak up the flavors. Then roast or pan fry. Don't eat meat? You'll love this masala, too. Saute up some garlic and onion, then add a few teaspoons of the spice blend. Add lentils and broth and simmer until the lentils are tender. Add some spinach if you'd like some greenery with your lentils. Serve with rice and salted yogurt.

Contains organic coriander, organic cumin, organic fenugreek, organic black pepper, organic Kashmiri chilli, organic turmeric, and much more. No salt, sugar, or other additives. Please contact us for a complete list of ingredients if you have dietary restrictions.