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Friday Night Soup

It’s Friday night and we don’t really have a kitchen. We have a stove and a fridge, and we have a utility sink on the deck. And another utility sink down the stairs in the basement. And a few friends coming over for dinnner. Solution? Use the grill for some proteins. I want to make soup, though. It’s been unseasonable grey and chilly and soup just feels right. Plus there’s a half a shallot that wants to be used, two little turban squashes that didn’t make it into dinner last night, as I was out and hubby didn’t want to deal with them. To round out the soup, I peeled two little bruised apples, a large garnet yam, a quart of chicken broth. Then a dash of harissa and a teaspoon of sweet curry. I’ll purée that mixture once the yam is cooked, and then add a container of corn that’s left over from Wednesday’s dinner.


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