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The first falafel experiment was delicious. Delicious, but u.g.l.y. it had no alibi. None whatsoever. The falafel themselves were crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. The garlic and onion and parsley flavored, but didn’t overpower. Harissa from The Kitchen Imp added a sweet-hot note. And man-o-man, we had some beautiful fresh garden tomatoes, little Persian cukes, and red leaf lettuce. Top it all with a drizzle of lemony tahini sauce and, well, cheers were heard, lips were smacked, happiness was expressed.

Why no pictures, then? Cuz they kinda sorta fell apart when I fried them. There’s no binder in them and I don’t know what makes other peoples’ falafels remain solid, but whatever it is wasn’t functioning in my falafel. So they flattened and broke apart and generally made a mess. So no pictures. Next time, though.  

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